Analytics in Healthcare

Care is much spread out than Treatment. Treatment is post-facto, you cannot ‘treat’ someone before disease has struck. Care is continuous- no end to it, quite general and never for any one cause, accident or general! Care is on-going so that disease may not take over your fate. Care is saving someone before the danger befalls!

Why do you care really?

You do not know really? How would you know, when you are quite OK? You do not! And still you are worried, anxious and careful, you care so that nothing harmful befalls you in the future… thus, you would care and keep one healthy from all respects. You care about the Life, the livelihood, the being and by that well-being! You take care so that you squarely healthy- physically, mentally, socially and economically. You care against unknowns!

How to guard against unknowns?

You have to gauge unknowns. That means you try to know the unknowns! that means you reduce the chances of unknowns becoming reality! You

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