Challenges in Healthcare

Health Care is much beyond treatment of ailments. Treatment is post-facto and cure-initiative - that means AFTER a patient is ill, the action starts then. Health Care is a life-long care for an individual [in isolation, in community regardless of ailments]. Every human individual ought to have a life portfolio of results of general and overall check-up of her physique from all aspects. This portfolio ought to be connected with the individual denizen id of every individual collected periodically- this would therefore keep a progression history of the individual including the start and time of different ailments. This time series chart would provide the most crucial information of the individual’s health-map and even the nature of problems.

Not many countries do have such a map for their citizens. Those few who maintain an archive of such portfolio can be considered the ‘developed’ countries in terms of ‘Human Wellness’ , those who do not have so are falling far back in the human development consideration.

This note wishes to exemplify this new concept where HealthCare has now graduated into the realm of Human Development, Economic growth and development and the new approach of a collective handling of Health Care- this is known as Health Care management. Through the pro-ac

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